Jay Leno Show – Pinball Wizard

Some of the work I have done for The Who’s Tommy is shown on the Jay Leno show as Daltrey starts his USA and Canada tour.

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Some directions can be hard to follow.

His Excellency..

And the stars of tonight’s show are..

Animation for ‘The Who’

I was chosen to work on The Who’s rock opera ‘Tommy’ to be performed at the Royal Albert Hall, London. This is what I created for the opening two tracks and was played to the opening of the rock opera on the night of the 23rd of March 2011.

Currently working on more animation for the upcoming USA and Canada tour.


Rioting on the streets of London

Scare Me, Keep Me

Power Sharing…

A ‘leaders’ love of power in the middle east is refered to as ‘love of the chair(throne)’, chairs symbolise single occupancy. Some revolutions call for a change of furniture…